Tower Clocks

Tower clocks are classic round face clocks mounted on the exterior of a building that have been part of architecture for hundreds of years.

Tower clocks provide a clean and very aesthetic look to any building providing an added visual feature as well as telling the time.

Sport & Time Systems has made something of a speciality in providing classic tower clocks in a wide range of applications such as for schools, office parks, shopping centres, churches, private homes, government buildings and many more.

While tower clocks provide something that has been around for hundreds of years, modern technology such as GPS antennas and time distribution systems (master clocks) have made them highly accurate and they can be integrated part of an overall time distribution and clock network system in any building.

Modern LED lighting systems mean Tower Clock can be viewed at night. LED colour systems can turn your tower clock into a colourful feature at night.

Tower clock can also be integrated as part of a classic Bell Ringing System such as typically used in churches, school or special features of any building.


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Town Hall




Shop Centre



The technology, aesthetic and modernity of this dial will add value to your buildings.

It is fitted with high-power, economical LED lighting. The lifespan of LEDs is around 10 years (8 hours/day). The numerals and hands light up at night to make them easier to read.

Technological feature of the Bodet backlit dial:

  • During the day, the background of the dial is white and the numerals are black.
  • At night, this is reversed: the background is black and the numerals light up.



Acrylic glass clocks and dials offer a good compromise between quality and aesthetic

Light, robust, colourful and modern, this affordable product strengthens the identity of your monuments.

Acrylic glass dials are available backlit to ensure night time visibility of the timepiece.


With or without a frame, the numerals are made of steel or aluminium.

Aluminium is a light, robust and corrosion-resistant material. It is produced by applying successive layers of paint.

Our clocks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Paris Orleans Church
Super Market
Paul Bocuse Restaurant
Train Station
A wide selection of standard hands and dial designs.
Some examples of clocks installed by Sport & Time Systems

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