The TIMY3 is of a compact design, equipped with high-quality technology and unique for timing. It has an ergonomic and tough durable design.

Despite the compact dimensions, the TIMY3 has a large and easy to operate silicone keypad. In all weather conditions, even wearing gloves, using the keypad does not cause any problems whatsoever. The TIMY3 is available with or without integrated printer that records the complete competition.

A wireless function is built in to the Timy3 as standard so it can work seamlessly without cables with almost any ALGE timing device.


  • Premium casing

  • Temperature resistent display

  • Precision up to 1/10.000 s

  • Battery operation of about 50 hours

  • Built in WTN radio connection

Training Set

WTN-Set is a wireless timing system with the Timy3W (or Timy3WP) and two photocells with reflectors and tripods. All fits in a rugged plastic case with foam insert for easy and safe transport of the complete set.

This is ideal for training purposes.


1 pc. TIMY3 WP

1 pc. NM-TIMY2 NiMh Battery Pack

1 pc. power supply PS12A1 pc. RTP thermal printing paper

1 pc. USB-AB cable

1 pc. USB flash drive with evaluation software

2 pcs. PR1aW radio photocell

2 pcs REF-L small reflector

4 pcs TRI-S5 tripod

1 pc. KL-WTN-SET large case

 1 pc. mini screw driver


WTN-SET1: timing device without printer

WTN-SET2: timing device with printer

Wireless Timing Network (WTN)

WTN is a worldwide unique wireless timing network with mesh topology. 


It can transfer timing information as well as serial data and display board information simultaneous. All devices act as transceivers, so no separate transmitters and receivers are necessary.  Redundancy: The more devices you use, the more reliable it gets.

  • 9 single teams

  • 6 combined teams

  • 5 timing channels per device

  • RS232 and display board interface

  • 4 GHz technology

  • 320 m point to point distance

  • battery saving technology

  • 2-edge mode for special measurements

  • save communication through “delayed impulses”

  • pulse hold feature to control photocell alignment

Mobile Timing (MT1)

The MT1 is an innovative timing device. 

With the built in GPS receiver it will synchronize automatically very precise to a time of day. There are two timing channels with 1/100.000s precision available. Really new is the automatic data transmission to the internet.

New timing impulses are transmitted to the timing server. This timing impulses will be processed based on a previously defined track configuration. The results will then be available live on the internet. There is no need to have impulse cables anymore.

 (+27) 82 555 2293

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