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We have a variety of sports training products that can be used to enhance the level of performance for many different sports from ALGE TIMING and other suppliers.


The Funtrainer is a simple training system with a wireless push button: perfect for swimming, climbing, and simple training applications


1 pc. D-LINE80-O-6-PP-H display board, 80 mm figure height, 6 digits, built in horn

1 pc. PB-XL-TXRA large red radio button

battery powered

1 pc. TRI128 tripod

1 pc. KL case for complete 

Led Pace light

Chat le Clos trying out the Indico Swim Trainer in Italy

Mounted along the bottom of the pool to act as a “coach” for pacing in swimming training. From 1 lane to multiple lanes. Controlled by App on your phone.

LED tracking light for athletics, soccer, football and other sports.

The LED pacing light can be set at different speeds and acceleration for running and track athletes.

Can also be programmed for agility training in other sports.


A LED Light reference pointer for your sets that you or your trainer can easily adjust speed


  • UP TO 12 different colours, allow 12 different athletes to swim in the same lane.
  • UP TO 8 different lanes to be independently configured, for total of 96 swimmers.
  • Different solutions of LED lighting strip to fit 25 or 50 meters pool.
  • Check your swim performance in Real Time

Virtual Trainer adds new engaging approaches to your swim training. Make sure you are doing your best for your team train.Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific work out.

VIRTUAL TRAINER is ultimate swim training system for improving the training method of your swim team. It is the choice of professional athletes and renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you reach optimal performance level and success with these features:

  • Follow your own swim set pace
  • Follow competitors swim set pace
  • Adapt step by step your own swim set pace

Challenge yourself in following champions swim set score


Used for training in reaction and height training in sports like RUGBY.

Every athlete and sports person wants to know that they are getting stronger, faster and more powerful.

Every coach wants to ensure that their training programmes are directly benefiting every member on the team.

FSL have developed a revolutionary training aid designed to measure and enhance an athlete’s performance and to give them and their coach immediate feedback on their performance in training.

Accompanied by our unique App, the JumpMat has the ability to store, analyse, export, and present athletic data so you don’t have too! Through the use of timeline graphs and over 24 Jump Modes, you will be able to create your very own reports to show the effectiveness of your training programmes.

Athletes can create their own password protected user accounts, where they can test and store data for review, or export data in order for them to conduct tailored in-depth analysis.

Jumpmat has proven its contribution at every level of sport. Used by Champions, affordable to all.

  • Portable:  The JumpMat can be used anywhere. It has been validated to work reliably whether indoors or outdoors and on most flat surfaces (even grass!) It is also waterproof. With no need for external power and weighing under 1 kg, JumpMat can be carried anywhere easily in its carry bag.
  • Easy to Use: With the all new App interface, simply download the App from the App/Play store, connect your device via Bluetooth connection, and you are ready to go!
  • Accurate: The JumpMat has been tested by independent academic research and has proven to be accurate within 5mm of a Force Plate.
  • Proven: JumpMat has been proven at the highest level across a wide variety of sports & professional athletes.

Agility Trainer

Think to run behind a LED light spot that pulls you at desired speed and acceleration. Think to jump from a point to another driven by the LED light spot set at desired distance. Think a reference point which forces you ramdom sudden direction changes. Version Ver. 3.3 allows you to improve your workouts by:

  • the LED light spot that runs the distance-time choosen by you
  • the rising speed curve that follows a mathematical model
  • the LED light spot that runs both as SHUTTLE and as LADDER
  • performing any number of REPEATS with any REST time between them
  • The starting sequence that provides the regular “at your marks”, “set” and “shot” advices
  • The LED light spot color changing as a timer

SPEED AGILITY TRAINER moves your training up to a new engaging dimension by:

  • A RABBIT to follow
  • A programmable PACEMAKER 


  • 1 switch ON Pushbutton
  • 2 pause-restart Pusbutton (Optional)
  • 3 charging plug
  • 4 buzzer
  • 5 LED strip plug


Once the 12V internal Li-ion battery is charged by the included Charger you can enjoy SAT, free of any wiring to electric power, all day long. LED Strip is water proof (IP 68). It can be laid on the track (or on any flat surface) either in Permanent or Removable positioning.

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