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OPTIc3 Photo Finish System

Our third-generation photo finish system OPTIc3 was introduced to the world in 2018. It is the new technical leader on the market.

In line scan mode, it possesses the highest frame rate available on the market. This turns the OPTIc3 into the perfect device for fast sports like motor racing.

A 100 Hz 2-D full screen timing mode is ideally suited for special applications like rowing, swimming and further backup purposes.  Furthermore this 2-D mode allows for very easy accurate setup of the camera on the finish line (for example in on an athletic track).

VoIP allows voice communication without headset with the starter.

The OPTIc3 standard model is without options. The OPTIc3-Pro has all options .

In addition the OPTIc3 can be integrated with certain transponder based timing systems to give you a foolproof record of the finish.



NEW! standard GBit Ethernet connection 

NEW! including PoE power supply

NEW! easy setup in 2-D mode

NEW! super precise 100Hz@XGA 2-D mode

NEW! up to 30,000 lines/sec in line scan mode

NEW! 2,016 pixel vertical in line scan mode

NEW! built in WTN radio connection

NEW! VoIP speech connection

NEW! automatic 50/60 Hz suppression

NEW! WIFI connection possible

1/100,000 sec precision

operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C

The OPTIc3 photo finish system is available in two versions:


Photo finish system with a recording rate of 3,000 lines per second and 1,360 pixels vertical resolution.

The amazing thing about the Opti3c Basic System is it can be easily upgraded later to the OPTIc3-PRO. This can be done without needing to send the camera back to ALGE TIMING in Austria.


  • Professional photo finish system that leaves nothing to be desired.

  • The following additional features are integrated:

  • high-speed recording: up to 30,000 fps

  • high resolution: 2,016 pixels vertical resolution

  • extremLuX: various technologies for image improvement, under bad light conditions

  • motion detection: automatic recording with motion detection

  • integrated WTN: wireless impulse- and data-transmission

  • high-speed camera: It is possible to record 100 images per second in 2-D mode, with 1,024 x 768 or 360 x

  • 2,016 pixels. The proven IDCam (see next) software is available for this function

  • VoIP: Voice-over IP allows communication with the starter without the need for the PC operator to use a  headset.

PRO Model Includes

1 x photo finish camera OPTIc3-PRO

1 x USB-WIFI WiFi nano USB adapter

1 x case KL-OPTIC3

1 x POE net supply unit

1 x ALGE-STICK USB flash drive with OPTIc3.NET software

2 x patch cables 3 m and 10 m

incl. all options (excl. transponder connection and motor zoom)


To make a comprehensive timing system we can add to the OPTIc3 Photo finish camera:

  • false start equipment (athletics), various displays (any sport), wind measurement (track), distance measurement (field events for athletics), touchpads (swimming, rowing etc.) and many other items.
  • A system can be configured for indoor and outdoor.


You name it – we can do it.

IDCAM Photo Finish Camera

A video record of the finish with time stamp.

The ID-Cam is a reliable and simple solution to issue a protocol of the finish arrival with high resolution pictures. Each finish line crossing of an athlete produces several pictures that are stored with the time of day on a PC.
It is possible to connect the ID-Cam-system with an ALGE-TIMING timing device (for example the OPTIc3 camera or the Timy3). This allows an automatic recording controlled by the finish sensor (e.g. photocell). The recording duration for each finish impulse is adjustable (recording time before and after impulse). If the impulse is transmitted from the timing device with a start number (bib) the number is also stored with the picture.
With the recorded pictures you can verify the finish arrival and it allows correcting missing times or start numbers. All in all, an ideal addition to any ALGE-TIMING timing system.


Scope of delivery:

  • 5,3 MP network camera
  • zoom lens 2.8-8 mm
  • 3 m CAT5 cable
  • 20 m CAT5 cable
  • POE ID-cam power supply
  • software


  • up to 30 pictures per second
  • resolution 3072 x 1728 (5 MP)
  • illumination: Color: 0.15 lux, F1.2, B/W: 0.03 lux, F1.2

You can use the ID-CAM for many different sports, for example:

Athletics, swimming, open water swimming, canoeing, cycling and many more

The ID-CAM and OPTIc3 software running side by side.

The image will scroll in tandem as you move through the finish results of the OPTIc3

Example: The ID-CAM used for Cycling finish line

Start Judge SJ2

The Start Judge SJ2 is a false start system for track & field to monitor the start of running competitions up to 400 m. 

It consists of the Start Judge transport cart SJT2 with integrated controller and battery. The transport cart can store the complete system. The sensors SJS2 are mounted on each starting block. The integrated loud speaker system enables the starter to give commands to the athletes. The start tone (simulated start shot) is released through the speaker integrated in the start sensor and the BANG. By this, all runners can hear the start tone at the same time. With a radio push button WTN-PB one can move around and still trigger a false start at any time.

Systems are available in two version: cable or radio.

The Start Judge  SJ2 has been homologated by the IAAF.

Wired system

Wireless system

Track & Feild

ALGE-TIMING can supply the complete technical equipment for carrying out track and field events, may they be large or small.

Ranging from simple training systems for timing with photocells to the photofinish systems used at large events. All accessories are also available from wind measurement, lap counter, concentration clock, distance measuring devices to diverse display systems.

Below you can find different steps of equipping a track and field stadium.


  • OPTIc3
  • RLS3c
  • D-LINE250-O-6-E0
  • HS3-2 Headset
  • e-Start
  • WTN-PB Radio Push Button
  • TB A-E Connection Box
  • TB F Connection Box
  • SU3 Start Unit
  • Starting Blocks for Track & Field STAMA
  • WS2-TY Anemometer with TIMY3
  • TB W Connection Box
  • BANG Speaker Cable Version


 (+27) 82 555 2293

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