LCD Digital Clocks

Bodet offers a wide range of digital clocks to suit your needs, including StyleCristalysOpalys and HMT / HMS LED
  • Models for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Choice of LCD or LED clocks.
  • Multifunctional clocks offering hour, minute, second, calendar, temperature and message display.
  • Clocks can run independently or be radio synchronised or controlled by a master clock with wired or wireless options. 
Our digital clocks feature a range of advantages, including perfect contrast and wide viewing angles. We offer digital clock models such as LCD indoorbacklit LCDLED indoor / outdoor and large LED outdoor. All our clocks are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
We would be happy to use our experience to help you select the digital clockmodel best suited to your organisation. Our solutions for your sector page provides information on how we fulfil the the particular requirements of different industries and organisations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more details.

Cristalys Digital LCD Clock

Choose our Cristalys range for perfect contrast and wide reading angles. Cristalys LCD clocks are often used in financial institutions, administration or governmental offices, schools and hospitals.

  • Four models: digit height from 7 to 14 cm.
  • ABS extra-slim case.
  • 3 colour casings: aluminium, white and burgundy.
  • 160° reading angle.
  • Power: battery (3 years autonomy) or low voltage power supply unit (15V).
  • Synchronisation:  Independent (quartz), RadioImpulse, Afnor, NTP and  Wireless DHF.
  • Mounting option: Wall fixing system with a theft protection bracket, double sided bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. 

Opalys Blacklit LCD Clock

Our Opalys range is an indoor digital LCD clock with extra flat casing. Opalys LCD clocks are often used in banks, insurance companies, factories, railways and airports.

  • Four models: digit height from 7 to 14 cm.
  • ABS extra-slim case.
  • Aluminium case colour.
  • 160° reading angle.
  • Power: external power supply 230V or Power over Ethernet.
  • ECO mode for energy saving (Display switch off between 11pm and 6am).
  • Synchronisation:  Independent (quartz), RadioImpulse, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF.
  • Mounting option: table or shelf bracket, wall fixing system with a theft protection bracket, double sided bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.


Our Clock Systems can accept GPS or synchronisation. This ensures that the signal sent from the master clock to the slave clocks is accurate.

Clock systems can now also use your own internal Wifi system.

The time signal can be sent to the slave clocks from the master clock using different methods:

Wired Clock System: via a dedicated cable (Impulse, Afnor / Irig B) or an ethernet network (NTP).
Wireless Clock System: via a radio signal across your premises (DHF).

Did you know? 

BODET products are 92% recyclable? At Bodet, we constantly strive to develop our products in order to limit our impact on the environment.

Please contact us direct for more information, brochures and prices. You can also use the Bodet SPECIFIER page to build comprehensive solution for your particular sector. We can then quote you a more specific solution.

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