Indoor Scoreboards

Indoor sports venues are often used for a wide range of different sports so we are particularly proud of our BODET indoor 8000 series multisport scoreboard which can be configured for different sports at the touch of a button. Whether it be basketball, netball, handball, table tennis, different martial arts and many other sports, they can all be catered for with one scoreboard.

This is possible because of the revolutionary new touchscreen SCOREPAD scoreboard controller.

This SCOREPAD controller also has outputs so that you can create and control a scoreboard on any TV Screen or LED video screen that can accept a HDMI input.

When used with a TV screen or LED board, the touchscreen SCOREPAD controller allows a wide range of personalisation of the layouts and configurations to suit you school, venue or club.

With the BODET Multisport 8000 series scoreboards and SCOREPAD controller we can score all the following sports (more will be added as time goes by):

Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Handball, Tennis, Training, Futsal, Table tennis, Rugby, Mini-basketball, Floorball, Badminton, Inline hockey, Ice hockey, Korfball, Water polo, Netball, 3×3 basketball, Rink hockey.

Also combat sports:

Karate, Judo, Boxing, Jujutsu, Wrestling, Taekwondo

App Based scoring from your mobile phone

Also available are new Android App based scoring systems so that you can do the scoring to a number of different types of TV Displays or LED screens from your mobile phone.

We only need to provide you the app and a HDMI interface box. You buy a TV screen from any of the many retail outlets available.

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