Digital & Analogue

Our main supplier of all types of clocks is BODET of France.
Bodet has developed a wide range of analogue and digital clocks which combine style, accuracy and state of the art technology. Every clock is designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.
All our synchronised clocks can be controlled via our master clocks which uses a Time Distribution System. These can also control other systems like heating, lighting and Bodet’s Bell System .
Clock can be independent or linked to a Time Distribution System such as a Master Clock or now even inhouse wifi (NEW since 2019). Clock systems can be cabled or wireless.
Most clock systems today add a GPS antenna for complete accuracy.
The benefits of BODET Clocks and Clock Systems include:
  • Synchronised time across your organisation.
  • Improved workforce efficiency.
  • Ability to link to Bodet’s synchronised Class Change System.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through automatic updates.
  •  Control over other systems such as heating and lighting.
  •  Easy to set up and use.


Choose from the following clock ranges below:
The Bodet group has over 35,000 satisfied customers, a 150 year history and a strong international reputation. It prides itself on delivering tailored solutions for each individual customer coupled with excellent customer service and support. We provide systems for a wide range of sectors, including schools, financial services, healthcare, factory and industrial, transport and sports centres. If we can provide any further information on synchronised clocks please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us direct for more information, brochures and prices. You can also use the Bodet SPECIFIER page to build comprehensive solution for your particular sector. We can then quote you a more specific solution.

 (+27) 82 555 2293

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