Classic Bell Ringing

Classic Bells

Classic bronze bells such as used in churches, schools or features in other buildings are still very much a part of modern life.

NOTE: Now further options are available whereby we can offer you acoustic simulated bell ringing systems. See “Bell Ringing and Class Change systems” further on.


At Pretoria Boys High School we revitalized their tower clock and 120 year old bell system by upgrading to more modern tower clock mechanism and electromagnetic hammers on the 5 bells. All controlled by a Master clock.

A flexible bell ringing programme means they can have different sequences and on and off times for weekdays, weekends, Public Holidays or for special events and exam times.



Classic bells and bell ringing systems are now electronically controlled so that they are accurate and highly flexible sounding solutions.

Old bell systems can be upgraded with electromagnetically controlled hammers and master clocks.

With our supplier Ecat of Italy, Sport & Time Systems can offer you solutions from small to very large tuned bronze bells and elaborately programmable bell ringing systems.

Irrespective how old or whether fixed or swinging bells, Sport & Time Systems can revitalize your old bell system with our electromagnetic hammers, peal motors and master clocks.

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