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Discovering time distribution

Why do you need a Time Distribution system?

In an installation with several clocks, this system uses a master clock to synchronise all the slave clocks reliably and on the same time base in a building or group of buildings.

A master clock with a programmer also lets you guarantee accurate start-up for security, heating, bell, lighting and other systems.

In addition to saving on starting up, monitoring and maintaining appliances, a time distribution system guarantees accurate and reliable time display in all parts of your premise.

The different time distribution systems:

•DHF wireless clock system
•Wired time distribution
• Networked time distribution (NTP server)

Comparison table:

Time distribution system summary table:

Sigma master clocks

Sigma: Modular master clock, time distribution and programming, energy management

Master clock operating principle:

The master clock sends a time code via a radio transmitter.
The slave clocks and the radio relays capture the time message and are synchronised automatically. If there is any interference the system continues to operate with its own time base.
Thanks to its astronomical clock, the Sigma master clock lets you save energy through accurate control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and other systems.

Main advantages:
  • The Sigma master clock is a scalable product
  • Time, wired and DHF radio distribution
  • Programmed and configured via WINDOWS PC software and USB stick
  • Circuits programmed for weekly, public holiday, vacation, special days, astronomical or periodic mode
  • Circuits controlled by wired or DHF radio link
The different models:

Sigma H:

Master clock for Time distribution.

Sigma P:

Master clock to programme and control wireless or wired radio relays.

Sigma MOD:

Flexible master clock and NTP time server.

... Areas of application:

The Sigma master clock is intended for schools, industries, hospitals, administrations, train stations, airports and other buildings.
It provides an accurate and reliable time reference for electronic networks and automatons.

Select a clock

Analogue clock with hands or digital clock with figures? A clock should above all be readable and adapted to its environment. While the applications sheets in this guide contain many realistic examples, we cannot substitute for you, whose taste and personal options will mean that he might prefer a circular clock with hands, or with luminous numbers, in a more functional or more decorative design.

..:. Analogue clocks :
The table opposite may help you in choosing dimensions:

Reading the time on a clock with hands is quicker than on a digital clock but it is also more approximate.

A display with hands is recommended for reasons of cost or aesthetics.

..:. Digital clocks :

Digital reading is more precise but requires some working out as to the earliness or lateness in relation to a set time.

As a general rule, a digital display is recommended for sites where precise time reading is required. Moreover, this facilitates display of the combination of information such as the date or temperature with the time.

Our two technologies of digital display:

  • Digital LCD clock display for indoor
  • Digital LED clock display for indoor and outdoor. Thanks to high luminosity diodes LED display ensuring a perfect legibility whatever the conditions of luminosity.

..:. Colour and contrast :

The colour and contrast on a dial with hands and marking are of prime importance.

Colour choice recommendations for clocks are:

  • Analogue clocks : white background dial, black marking for hands (or strongly contrasted colours).
  • Digital clocks : black background and luminous display (or strongly contrasted colours).

Sigma: Modular master clock, time distribution and programming, energy management

Synchronisation for electronic networks and clock networks.

BODET designs modular time centres to suit customers' requirements and project specifications.

The solutions available :

Time centre with NTP server or multi-function, multi-output time centre with dual time base and backed up power supply.

The Sigma MOD provides the ideal response for the most detailed time synchronisation and time accuracy expectations.

NTP Monitor software

NTP software for time synchronisation of computers and clocks.
Available in free limited version or in full version.

Time Centre NTP Client / Server

Time centre which combines in a single device the features of a NTP server and a master clock

Time Center

Time centre for large time distribution area.

The SIGMA MOD is a time centre which combines in a single device the features of a NTP server and a master clock.

It supplies a reliable and precise time reference to computers, clocks and automatic devices of the company.

Central Master clock:

The SIGMA MOD is an upgradeable product including a NTP time server and a master clock.

Main benefits:

  • NTP client and/or server in broadcast, multicast or unicast mode
  • Wireless (DHF) and wired time distribution
  • Programming and setting via Windows PC over the LAN
  • Time synchronisation with automatic switching between radio and NTP inputs
  • Circuit programming in various modes: weekly,bank day, holidays, special day, astronomic or periodic
  • Circuit controlled through wireless or wired connection
  • Modularity: optional cards can be added

SIGMA SOUND Tone generator:

The SIGMA SOUND module allows to broadcast audio messages or melodies through an existing PA system. Aux output, SD card reader, 16 pre-recorded melodies.

SIGMA EXTENS extension module:

The SIGMA EXTENS can extend the SIGMA MOD optional card capacity by 4 units (total of 8 optional cards).

SIGMA SWITCH changeover module:

The SIGMA SWITCH controls the alarm output of the main master clock. In case of failure, the SIGMA SWITCH sends all outputs from the main to the secondary master clock.

Power supply units:


Uninterruptible power supply
24V DC - 5Ah battery with charger
Rack 3U ? 9Kg


Uninterruptible power supply
24V DC - 5Ah battery with charger
Wall mounted ? 8 Kg


External power supply
110/230V 24VDC
2 x 100W - 2 kg

Top of the range Sigma MOD master clock, showing the extensive time distribution network that is possible. Note also NTP protocol to synchronise computers to the network.